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Cutesy Cookies n' Goodies

By Evelyn Ramirez, Owner

Welcome to my lovely space I've poured my passion into

 that's filled with my very own cutesy creations. Explore my site and all that I have to offer to help add  just a little more sparkle to the holidays & make your special occasions

just a bit sweeter. I love helping in creating unforgettable moments with the people you love & witnessing your reactions during cookie pick ups makes it all worth it.


My website is currently not done but it was in my heart to

release & publish it  before Halloween this year in celebration of Cutesy Cookies n' Goodies' two year anniversary. My Halloween Drops will always be my favorite not only because I love Halloween but because I had my first holiday cookie pre-sale for Halloween back in 2019 when I didn't really know much about decorated cookies. I've come a long way but I still have a long way to go! I've learned so much in so little time that sometimes I have to pause for a bit and be amazed with myself when I'm going through some rough patches with everything that comes with owning your own business.


I'll share my story with you another time as I continue to grow my business & work on my website. For now enjoy the upcoming holiday drops I'll be offering. I hope to see you around!

Love always, 

Your local baker

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