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Wedding custom order

Wedding custom order

30x REGULAR SIZE 3"-3.5" ALMOND VANILLA SUGAR COOKIES will be hand decorated with royal icing & will be heat sealed in clear bags that will be placed in a white crate box.



$90 per dozen will include airbrushing, stencil transfers, handlettering, piped greenery, & piped florals (light pink roses):


Icing colors: white, black, light pink, & different shades of sage. 


Cookie designs requested: 


8x Black tux

8x White dresses

8x Mendez (plaques)

8x Polaroid picture cookies with edible paper


*Sample cookie pictures provided by client. Cookies will not be an exact replica of the sample pictures provided in this listing; cookie decorator will have full creativity control with inspiration from the pictures, theme, & color scheme provided.


Pictures that will be used for polaroid picture cookies are pending to be recieved from the client. If at anytime the pictures aren't provided by the client in a timely manner to place the order of edible pictures to arrive in time to make the cookies, the cookie decorator may subsitute a different cookie design. IMPORTANT: Some imperfections in edible images are normal in prints. 


Please reach out if you need to request any changes to the request description above before submitting your payment. Thank you!


    Products are made in a home kitchen & may contain the following allergens: eggs, nuts, soy, peanuts, milk, almond extract, & wheat. Cross contamination with nut products is a possibility.


    All pre-orders and design sets are final. Reach out via email at order as soon as possible if you need to reschedule your pick up for a later date/time. Your rescheduled date may be after the holiday since it's a possibility that I may not be home after the initial pick up time window selected. Products purchased are forfeited if not picked up during pick up time window or rescheduled date & time. Products purchased are also forfeited if Cutesy Cookies n' Goodies isn't contacted via email about a rescheduled pick up date & time within 24 hours of the initial pick up time window selected. Non-local orders will not be refunded. Only place an order if you're local & can pick up since there isn't a shipping option.


    Early pick-ups will not be accommodated. Please only place your order if these pick-up times and dates work for you.


    Cookies are freshly baked & soft and may be fragile to touch so please handle cookies with care especially cookies that don't have a solid shape and have narrow parts. If not handled with care cookie breakage may occur. Cookies that are packaged in cups, pouches, and/or only in a clear bag without a box have a higher chance of breaking more than cookies that are purchased in a gift box.  NO REFUNDS / NO EXCHANGE / NO SHOP CREDIT due to cookie breakage.


    Only place an order if you can pick up. Pre-orders placed by mistake will not be refunded due to residing out of state or another city.

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